Deepstone is a trendy and stylish high-end jewelry brand which specializes in the design and manufacture of bracelets for men.

These unique accessories are all hand crafted and produced from special natural materials including additional features like Bangles, Skulls and Beads, each in their own way represent a special strength or passion.


The Deepstone Team is formed from professional and dedicatedjewelry designers whom have been familiar with the core materials for many years and know how best to transform old elements into beautifully fashionable bracelets.

During our memorable trip to Africa, the Deepstone team, Emanuel & Mark were inspired by the materials, stones and design the local tribes were displaying. This bringing together of old ancient culture with a modern western touch is what drove Deepstone to the market and consumers to us.

Each individual will be able to find the right bracelet that matches their personality & style within simple classic or luxury and shining style of jewelry. Every ancient stone represents her own character and brings strength, power and love to the jewelry and those who wear it. Explore our traditional high-end jewelry designs & new men bracelets collections at the Deepstone online boutique.

The Deepstone team hope you will enjoy our unique look and wish you good shopping.