We craft our jewelry with high quality materials include gemstone, sterling silver and gold and we want your jewelry to last you a long time so we have prepared this guide to help you care for your jewelry.


The size of your jewelry is very important to keep it durable. If the jewelry is too small, it starts to be tense and will not be comfortable. Therefore, we recommend taking a larger size.
You can go to the size guide located above for checking your hand size.


Most of our bracelet are made with high quality stretch cord, even tough you should not stretch it or wear it strongly.
All elastic cording will loosen slightly with repeated wear over time, this is normal.
Beaded bracelet can be cleaned with soap and warm water.
Macrame bracelets should be treated with wax. The wax makes the thread resistance to wear. There is no warranty on macrame jewelry that came in contact with water. We use variety of high quality metals in our jewelry - 925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated silver and gold filled. all of these plated pieces will peel off over the time.
It is important to avoid rubbing with hard surfaces & Improper storage of your jewelry. As noted above, try to keep your jewelry clean after every use to protect the quality and lightning of your jewelry. We recommend to store your jewelry in Deepstone jewelry box to maintain the durability of your jewelry. There is no warranty on macrame jewelry that came in contact with water.